Toy Museum at Home

This website shows a sample of the collection accumulated over the past 32 years by Philippe and Kathryn de Lespinay in their home in California. The collection is housed in glass showcases and is often visited by collectors and enthusiasts the world over. It constantly evolves and is refined as new acquisitions are being made and lesser pieces are being disposed of. The collection, a constant visual pleasure to the eye, consists of a selection of approximately 1/43 scale die-cast models (or O-gauge in model train talk), as well as a good amount of large tinplate wind-up, friction and electrically powered toys, manufactured between 1890 to 1964. While most of the prewar tinplate toys have been disposed of, the collection retains some examples of such as well as a comprehensive collection of the best of Philippe's favorite smaller toy cars, the Tootsietoy line, manufactured since 1913 by the Dowst Manufacturing Company of Chicago, Illinois. All these toys are of course in fully original condition with no repaints, repairs or alterations. Philippe is a purist and it shows... Please click on the links below:

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