LaSalle mystery...



Found in an online auction, this LaSalle coupe presents us with a quandary that hopefully, one of our readers will help us resolve. What is wrong with this seemingly ordinary toy? Well for one, if does not have its patent numbers under its body, but the two cars in the LaSalle gift set do not either. So it ought to be an early model.

If it was designed for the gift set, why does it not have black tires like on the set models, and why aren't the wheels painted in body color?

Last, this model has the Bild-a-Car split axles. Everyone knows that LaSalle models have a "blind hub" wheel on their right side until 1938, but this has thru wheels forced by the use of the split axles...


So this leaves us quite perplexed. Very first issue of the toy to the public is our best guess, very quickly replaced by the model with patent numbers and blind hubs. So now, how many of this specific model, have survived?


One can clearly see that there are no patent numbers cast under the bonnet, and that the half axles are identical to those of the Graham Bild-a-Car series.

So what do we have here, the earliest model released to the public after the gift set was offered to Cadillac dealers all over the nation?



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