Tootsietoys Graham Chassis, 1933-1941
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1/ Original 1933 issue, this chassis found only on the metallic-red "promotional" model and very scarce toy issues. I have seen a single example of a Bild-a-Car roadster with these markings. Note: no patent numbers under body casting.
2/ Later in 1933, the mold has been modified and extra metal has been added to provide for different markings. No patent numbers on body casting. Some of the "promo" cars use this chassis.
3/ Still later in 1933 or early 1934, all-new chassis mold now provides for Bild-a-Car axles, and many small details show that this was not a reworked mold.
4/ 1934 through 1941: an all-new mold again, now with reinforcement in weak areas.



1/ Original 1933 issue, marked "TOOTSIETOY U.S.A."

2/ Mold change in early 1933, metal added, now marked "TOOTSIETOY MADE IN U.S.A."




3/ New chassis mold with Bild-a-Car axle clearance, marked "TOOTSIETOY U.S.A."

4/ New chassis mold, 1935 and after, marked "TOOTSIETOY USA." (no periods)



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