Schuco Mercedes Toys


Left: The first of the Schuco "Gang of Four", issued in 1957, the Mercedes 220S "Rollfix" original issue had no rear license plate frame, simply a black decal, and is the rarer model of the two. it is 10" long and entirely made of steel, save for the molded clear plastic windows and steering wheel.
Right: the second version has a license plate frame and a different mechanism. Both are scarce toys today. More detailed pictures soon!


Left: a Rollfix with white roof, an unusual but very attractive color combination. The pull knob actuating the flywheel mechanism is visible here.
Right: The Control Car was driven from a cable that steered the car and provided the current to the electric motors and working lights. The battery box was held on the belt of the young driver.



Left; a beautiful Schuco 1957 Mercedes-Benz 220S "Hydro" has an actual working oil-filled "torque converter".

Right: a Control car in a scarcer white color.


  Schuco also produced several versions of the 190SL. The most desirable is this electric powered "Electro Phenomenal". The battery is located under the hood.



The Schuco Mercedes 230SL came in two versions and two different boxes. Both are electric powered, the battery finding space under the hood. Opening the hood is accomplished by pulling on the steering wheel. The trunk contains a functional 4-speed gearbox with working shifting mechanism between the seats.


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