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: Back to Europe in the 1950's with the beautiful toys of Schuco and Tipp from Germany, the row of 1957 Mercedes-Benz toys including 220, 190SL, 230SL and 220S. Plenty of smaller models by various companies in the center shelf, all Mercedes period toys.  Right: The lower shelf has Distler Porsche 356's in both German and Belgian versions. The nickel plated and painted models of the Opel, Mercedes and Jaguar XK120 are by the German Kollner "Prameta" concern. At the back, a rare Mercedes 300 by Rico.





TippCo was one of the most prolific toy makers in Germany before the 2nd world war. One of their best, but also one of the most sinister tin toys is this magnificent Mercedes-Benz 770K, the Hitler parade torpedo. This one is all original but is missing the driver's figure. Chassis detail shows the drive from the clockwork motor to a clutch, then to a final gear drive. These toys were a great sales success and can still be found in excellent condition albeit at a price.




Another magnificent pre-war TippCo toy was this Heinkel aircraft, produced in both civilian and military markings. This one is simply pristine and came with its original box. Four die-cast bombs can be attached to a rack system under the plane, and can be filled with explosive caps. Once wound up and flying on a wire across a room, the plane drops the bombs two at a time in a very realistic effect. The relevancy with the Mercedes-Benz subject is that this airplane used a Daimler-Benz V12 engine. There, are you happy?



After WW2, TippCo resumed toy manufacturing with more peaceful items. Its motorcycle and sidecar lines are well known, and these two examples in the collection are in pristine condition and still wear their original windshields, that they often miss. The police motorcycle is of an especially large size at over 12".




The most sought-after post WW2 TippCo toy is this great-looking 1957 Mercedes-Benz 220S cabriolet. The 13" long toy was made in various motorized versions from friction powered to electric, and to cable remote control.  Often their fragile windshields are cracked, but modern methods mean that new windshields can be re-cast in urethane resin.




The 220S was also produced as the standard sedan version, the electric remote controlled model in the left picture being one of the three versions offered. The cabriolet was of course made from this and is a false representation of the real model, but who cares as the toy is simply very attractive.




The best-looking of the TippCo Mercedes 220S is the two-tone gray friction  model, see here. The driver inside the car is made of paper mache, a form of compressed composite molded then hand painted. The celluloid windows are hot-stamped with silver trim. The box at right is especially scarce.




        In the early 1950's a company in Germany called Kollner and trading under the name Prameta made some beautiful die cast toys that were pure jewelry. The bodies were either painted or polished, then nickel plated. The windows were then painted over the polished bodies. A crude VW Beetle was followed by a splendid 1947 Buick, then a 1955 Mercedes 300 sedan.


  The model was 6" long, seemingly in the 1/28 scale, and was fitted with a complex mechanism that once wound with a special key in the shape of a policeman, allowed for different patterns such as figure 8's or oval tracking, with a period of idling, all by cams and gears.  The chassis was a bit self explanatory as far as adjustments: Prameta cars are not rare nor too expensive, but they can be if pristine, especially the painted versions. I always had a fondness for them because they exude so much quality. While they were toys, I am sure that more adults bought them than children because they were simply beautiful and looked good on a desk at the office. Kollner was purchased by another company in 1956 but a downturn in the German economy forced bankruptcy.
Aren't you glad that plastic took over a few years later? 

Schuco Mercedes Toys


A beautiful Schuco 1957 Mercedes-Benz 220S coupe with its pull cable on the trunk. It is powered by a flywheel and exists in two distinct versions and in several color combinations.  Like all Schuco toys, it has a fictitious name related to its mechanical functions. Please click on the link above the picture to view the Schuco Mercedes-Benz toys.


There soon will be plenty more Mercedes toys here form the collection! Please come visit often.

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