1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7-Liter "Lightweight"

The RS was a fantastic car, still today able to kill most of the current Porsche models, this with less than 1/2 the power, because of its extremely favorable power to weight ration and superior handling at the cost of course of all the tricks that make ordinary citizens able to master its quirky handling.
I purchased this car with low miles for what is peanuts today from a French wheel manufacturer and had it shipped to the USA. It had all the goodies on it, some M471 trim as well as some road trim that included electric windows and sunroof, but it weighed just about 2000 lbs after we were done with it. I fitted RSR adjustable shocks, Stand 21 carbon fiber seats and 6-point harnesses. A small roll-over Matter cage was already in the car, so it made installation rather easy. I built a set of wider wheels that would fit under the stock fenders and fitted some Kleber (BF Goodrich) rally tires in hard compound, hand cut for "road" use, so that the constabularies would leave me alone. I drove the car to and from races, it never let me down and won just about every event it ever entered. Some fabulous machine, the best compromise I have ever had between a road and racing car.



The 1987 Carrera Classic

That year in Mexico, the competition was pretty stiff with at least a dozen cars exceeding 500HP in the 100 or so entries. Anything from 427 Cobra, Porsche 930-934-935 (real or look-alike), and especially a very special tube-frame Camaro with over 1000 HP. It was actually the only car that passed mine, but the guy crashed it.

The race took place in a format like the Mille Miglia, each car starting one minute apart. I started in 13th spot and passed 12 cars before the mandatory 5-minute refueling point halfway.


By that time, I had killed everyone in the mountain section, gaining over 13 minutes over all the cars preceding me, sometimes passing them in rather wild circumstances, with a drop on the side of the road of 100 feet or more, and a mountain wall on the other, the road barely wide enough for 2 cars.
After the refueling, the only car I saw was the course-opening Ford RS200, that I passed with another 10 MPH greater top speed, to the astonishment of its pro driver. I crossed the finish line at over 160 MPH, then parked it and had to wait over 5 minutes for the first competitor to show up... everyone at the finish line believed for a while that there must have been a crash or something, because never before was there such a long waiting time after the first car crossed the line!





This article was published in the Porsche Motorsport USA newsletter, and they were very kind to me, even buying me a new windshield for the car after it was demolished by a low-flying bird roughly 10 minutes before crossing the finish line.




Brumos Porsche in Jacksonville, Florida, BF Goodrich  and VW USA were my sponsors, each paying over $1000.00 for my expenses. The BF Goodrich newsletter published this report and sent me a new set of tires for the car but I used the French Kleber tires that were just great and very enduring.


There was a protest about the results lodged by a Cobra driver, claiming that there was no way a little Porsche with all its road trim could have beaten his 650 HP car that finished in second place, over 5 minutes behind.
A week later at a club event at Riverside Raceway, my car set fastest time of the day and humiliated this guy's Cobra, by a full 3 seconds under his lap time. A couple of weeks later, he raced his Cobra in a special "exhibition" class in Palm Springs, vowing to "set things straight". My car humiliated the field on that tight airport course and on lap 10 of 12, I lapped the guy.
Today his car is still being vintage raced by his son, and winning...


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