SCRRA Listing of Legal Bodies for Retro Pro racing as of May 18, 2012
(Pictures courtesy Joe Neumeister,  Outisite, Parma, Truescale, Eagle Distributing and other contributors. Copyright photography published for information purposes only)

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is NOT final, and more bodies might be added at a later date.

Nominal original model issuing date limit: 12/31/1973

1/  1971 Abarth 1-liter



Original body: Dynamic Abarth (issued 1971)

Truescale (unknown stock number at this time)


2/  1969 Autocoast Ti22



Original body: M.A.C. Autocoast Ti22 (issued 1971)

Electric Dreams V002
Parma 925


2/  1968 Ferrari 612


Original body: M.A.C. Ferrari 612  (issued 1971)

Electric Dreams V005
Parma 924

3/ 1972 Gulf-Mirage-Cosworth G7



Original body: M.A.C. Gulf-Mirage (issued 1972)


Electric Dreams V007
Parma 930

O/S 491


4/ 1972 Lola T292



Original body: M.A.C. Lola T292 (issued 1972)


Electric Dreams V004
Parma 923


5/ 1972 McLaren M20-Chevrolet



Original body: M.A.C. McLaren M20 (issued 1972)


Electric Dreams V009
Parma 932


6/ Porsche



Original body: 1969 Lancer/ M.A.C. "Porsche 908" (issued 1970)

O/S 404



Original body: 1971 M.A.C. Porsche 917PA  (issued 1971)

Electric Dreams V010



New mold: 1971 Porsche 917-10

Truescale TSR 16



Original body: 1972 M.A.C. Porsche 917-30 (issued 1972)

Electric Dreams V008
Parma 931


7/ Odd & Ends



Original body: Dynamic "AeroDynamic" Can-Am "Porsche" (issued 1972)

O/S 400

Truescale (enhanced, unknown stock number at this time)



Original body: Dynamic "AeroDynamic" Can-Am "Chevron B19" (issued 1972)

O/S 401



New body:  Unknown model (??)
(Likely derived from the Lancer/M.A.C. "Porsche 908")

O/S 402



New body:  "MATRA"
(Likely derived from the Lancer/M.A.C. "Porsche 908")

O/S 403



New body:  unknown (??)

Truescale (unknown stock number at this time)


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