SCRRA Listing of Legal Bodies for Retro Can Am racing as of May 17, 2012
(Pictures courtesy Joe Neumeister,  Outisite, Parma, Truescale, Eagle Distributing and other contributors. Copyright photography published for information purposes only)
PLEASE NOTE: This listing is NOT final, and more bodies might be added at a later date.

RULE OF THUMB: Besides other criteria, any and All SCRRA approved Retro Can Am bodies must fit inside a gauge of 6.5" X 3-3/16" applied from their top.


1/ 1969 Autocoast Ti22

New additions, December 2018:

Buena Park Raceway:  Ti22
Edge: Ti22



Original body: Kirby-Associated 1969 Ti22 (issued 1970)

G-Force GFR100B
TrueScale TSR24

O/S 415
O/S 415L
Red-Fox RFD336C (subject to width verification)

Electric Dreams ELEB-037 (from original tooling)

Toytech Racing TR194




Original body: M.A.C. 1969 Ti22 (issued 1970)



M.A.C. P1143B (by Parma) from original tooling

Electric Dreams V03

TrueScale TSR27
O/S 408




2/ AVS Shadow


Original body: AVS Shadow MK1 (issued 1969)



TrueScale (unknown stock number at this time)




3/ Chaparral 2H



Original body: Lancer 1969 Chaparral 2H (issued 1969)

Truescale (no known stock number at this time)

Toytech TR209


4/ Ferrari 330P2, 312, 350 and 612



Original body: Russkit Ferrari 330P2  (issued 1966)


Toytech TR183




Original body: Lancer 1967 Ferrari 350CA (issued 1967)

Lancer 163 (by REH)

Howmet (by John Dillworth, no stock number known at this time)

Toytech TR183  (subject to width verification)



Original body: Kirby-Associated 1968 Ferrari 612  (issued 1970)
Re-issues and acceptable slight variations:

TrueScale TSR03

O/S 410

Red-Fox RFD335C (subject to width verification)

Howmet (John Dilworth) Stock number unknown at this time

Toytech TR196



Original body: Lancer & Dynamic 1968 Ferrari 612  (issued 1968)

Electric Dreams ELEB-036

Truescale TSR10

O/S 466 (to be confirmed and subject to width verification)



Original body: Champion 1968 Ferrari 612 by "Bloom-Waters" (issued 1969)


O/S 451

NOTE: O/S 414 is NOT a legal body.




Original body: M.A.C. 1969 Ferrari 312P (issued 1970)


M.A.C. by Parma P1142B (original tooling)

Electric Dreams V16



5/  Lola T70, T160



Original body: Dynamic 1966 Lola T70 (issued 1967)


TrueScale TSR08
O/S 412 (471 to be verified)



Original body: M.A.C. 1968 Lola T160 (issued 1970)

Re-issues (and slight acceptable variations):

TrueScale TSR05
O/S 407
O/S 464 (To be verified)

Parma P1141B (M.A.C. original tooling)

Red-Fox RFD333C  (subject to width verification)

Electric Dreams V15
Toytech TR195



New body: O/S 1969 Lola T163

O/S 407L


6/  McLaren Mark 6, M8A, M8B



Original body: Dynamic 1966 McLaren Mark 6  (issued 1966)



TrueScale TSR30

O/S 466

Toytech TR200




Original body: Lancer 1967 McLaren M8 (issued 1967)


Electric Dreams (stock number unknown at this time)

O/S 463




Original body: Dynamic 1967 McLaren M8 (issued 1967)


TrueScale TSR 37




Original body: Champion 1968 McLaren M8 by "Bloom-Waters" (issued 1969)



CH3111 Champion McLaren M8 (by Parma from original tooling)

Toytech TR179

JK 70871B (to be verified and subject to width verification))




Original body: Kirby-Associated 1968 McLaren M8 (issued 1969)



TrueScale TSR01

O/S 411

Red-Fox RFD332C (subject to width verification)


7/ Odd & ends



Original body: Kirby-Associated 1970 BRM-Chevrolet  (issued 1970)

Re-issues (and slight acceptable variations):

TrueScale TSR31



Original body: Lancer 1969 Shelby King Cobra  (issued 1969)

Re-issues (and slight acceptable variations):

ToyTech TR186



Original body: Russkit Cro-Sal McKee

Re-issues (and acceptable slight variations)::

TrueScale TSR04

O/S 405
Toytech TR202





Original body: Dynamic 1965 Lotus 40 (issued 1967)


TrueScale TSR06

Toytech TR174



Original body: M.A.C. 1970 Abarth 1-liter sports racer (issued 1971)


O/S 406

Electric Dreams V11



Original body: Dynamic 1967 Porsche 908 (issued 1967)


TrueScale TSR07

Red-Fox RFD334C (subject to width verification)
O/S 458




Original body: Lancer 1969 Porsche 917PA (issued 1969)


TrueScale TSR35

O/S 419
Toytech TR201




Original body: Du-Bro Alan Mann "Honker II"  (issued 1969)


Toytech TR201



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