West Coast D3 Racing
First D3 Retro Race, May 27, 2006
Buena Park, CA

Steube edges De Lespinay. 13 entries recorded!
By "Gene Husting", photos by "Al Hall"... (Seriously, pictures courtesy Keith Tanaka)

The first D3 retro race ever took place on the Hillclimb track at Buena Park Raceway and was very successful. The new discipline, established by a group run by Paul Sterrett and Mike Steube, and including Dennis Samson and Philippe de Lespinay, showed that there is indeed a good amount of interest for such a format.


Dennis Samson wrote a basic set of rules and several builders enthusiastically made chassis and complete cars. We were able to source the necessary bits such as motors from Slick 7 and JK, wheels and tires by JK, Parma gears and a motor bracket manufactured by Buena Park raceway. Bodies were sourced from various manufacturers, the most abundant and precisely molded being replicas of the old MAC bodies sold from 1970 through 1974, and of which the tooling survived.


The race was run in a round-robin format after a "qualifying" race for several of the 13 entries, and was won by mere feet by Mike Steube over the sister car built by Mike for Philippe de Lespinay after a race-long battle. Paul Sterrett used his own car to finish in third place another half a lap behind, bettering Tore Anderson by another lap.



Part of the "A" race field, with the lone Champion Ferrari of Paul Sterrett in the center, next to Tore Anderson's "Tilting TI22".



Best presented car was that of Dennis Samson with his Surtees Lola T163 over a beautiful chassis. Dennis's car was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time when disaster struck and deranged the chassis.


Paul Sterrett's immaculate no-hinge chassis was very competitive against the Steube-mobiles. He finished third, but all three leaders were covered by a couple of laps. The chassis has its front axle mounted from bent tabs in the brass pan. Not sure if the rules will allow that yet. Watch out for the next race...



Another nice chassis under a M.A.C. Lola, that of Jeff Easterly. This one also broke during the race but will be easily fixed for next race.


Mike Steube built two cars, for himself and Philippe. They were the most predictable and easiest to drive and the two Team Checkpoint-Froggistan members stomped the opposition. Philippe's car was the heavier of the two after Philippe added some lead to improve the handling. He set the fastest lap of the race with a quick 5.31". This is over a full second faster than the TSR exact-scale cars using similar but less powerful motors.


Dennis Samson chassis before the unfortunate wall-blasting. It was fast.


Race director Lenore Gallegos was impressed with the new class and the general quality of driving.


The Usual Suspects after their torrid battle.
Everyone really had a good time.

1st: Mike Steube---------------M.A.C. Lola T160---------256 laps---5.3289"
2nd: Philippe de Lespinay--M.A.C. Lola T160---------256 laps---5.3198"
3rd: Paul Sterrett--------------Champion Ferrari 612---255 laps---5.3797"
4th: Tore Anderson------------M.A.C. TI22-----------------254 laps---5.3791"
5th: Ken Dylke------------------M.A.C. Lola T160---------239 laps---5.6001"
6th: Mike Kravitz---------------Lancer McLaren M8A----230 laps---5.7101"
7th: Jeff Easterly---------------M.A.C. Lola T160----------220 laps---6.0895"
8th: John Sinz-------------------Lancer McLaren M8A----210 laps---6.1002"
9th: Dennis Samson----------M.A.C. Lola T160----------204 laps---5.3796"

Highest lap total on any lane: Mike Steube with 33 laps on Green.


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