When early-issue TSR24 or TSR32 chassis are set at their longest wheelbase, the contact rails will touch the steel pan, creating an electrical short. This was a design flaw that escaped us and was since corrected, but MUST be fixed before running the car!
Using a round file or a Dremel disk, cut two notches in the steel pan to clear the ascending lead wires when the steel pan is set in the longest wheelbase position. This will alleviate any possibility for the steel pan to short out the lead wires, causing the negative lead to fuse into the chassis and interrupt proper operation.

 This has now been corrected on the production tooling and only applies to the first series TSR24 chassis kits and RTR's.

This is necessary only if the steel pan is set to its longest wheelbase over the nylon chassis.


NOTE: If you have encountered such a problem and have a chassis damaged from the electrical short, TSR will replace your chassis and the stainless steel lead wires on an exchange basis at 50% off retail price. Simply return the damaged parts and you will receive a new set of parts by return mail. PayPal payment required.

Send to:


3190-H Airport Loop Drive

Costa Mesa CA 92626 USA  or to your local retailer of distributor.

Another possible issue:

A possible problem in early chassis kits or RTR's: the positive lead wire, part # T2413 is too short, coming up from its groove on the main chassis before reaching its correct position. This is due to an improperly manufactured positive lead wire (on the right side of the chassis).
Solution: We have upgraded the positive wire design to eliminate this problem. But all the kits shipped in early  2003 have the incorrect wire, so if your kit has this problem, it is easy to re-shape the wire as shown below: this will eliminate two problems, as the wire is presently interfering with the traction magnet housing. The modified wire is at the bottom. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to re-shape the wire. Keep the top curve the same, only re-shape the lower curve, going vertically down, then in a soft 90-degree bend forward. Keep the total height identical or slightly shorter. If you are unable to perform this change, simply return the wire to TSR for warranty exchange at no cost to you.


Once installed, it should look like this seen from the inside of the motor box: And from under the motor box:
The net effect of the re-shaping is that the wire is now sitting in its proper location up front.

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