Racing Regulations


1/ TSR Suggested Club Racing Program

1-1/ TSR Racing Format

– Any raceway, club or individual retains any and all right to use the TSR chassis, parts of cars for any purpose it or he deems suitable, including the organization of whatever form of racing it wishes.

1-2/ TSR Suggested Racing Classes

– A/ BTCC, DTM, or Australian touring cars

– B/ GT1/GTP/ALMS/1980-2003


– Other classes may be added as desired depending on local needs.

1-3/ TSR Racing: General Car Specification

– The TSR races are conducted using TSR cars, fitted with entrant’s choice of bodies, in the classes deemed most suitable by the raceway of club manager.


– NO alterations of any kind are allowed on chassis, wheels and tires, except for added balancing weight or shaving the steel pan’s sides and front to closely fit a narrower or shorter body. In such a case, the trimming line must closely follow the body shape. The body can be mounted using the supplied pin-tubing, optional body-mounting plastic mounts as supplied in Home-Racing RTR and chassis kits or posts affixed to the body and attached by tapered screws through the holes stamped under the steel pan. If run on magnetic tracks, only ONE stock magnet is allowed for the 1/32 scale cars, two for the 1/24 scale cars, placed in either one of the two magnet pockets on the chassis.

– Only TSR axles or TSR plain (not hollow) steel drill blank axles are allowed. In any case, only the stock front axle is allowed. However the front axle may be cut in its center and fitted inside a 1/8″ O.D. brass-tubing piece, in which it can be glued, so as to widen the front track to better fit the body contours.

– No bushings or ball bearings can be fitted to support either axle.

– Wheels should be fitted with accurate wheel inserts reasonably representing the spoke pattern of the modeled car. TSR can supply wheel inserts as per their catalog, but members are welcome to use any they feel adequate to their body choice. Only the TSR wheels and tires are allowed for competition.

– Only the TSR motor is allowed in TSR-organized races. This motor is sealed and cannot have been open for TSR competition. Racers are allowed to change a motor during a race if replaced by a stock TSR motor.


– Bodies can be made of any material, but MUST accurately represent a real racing car. Body should be mounted at regulated height. NO added spoilers or any aerodynamics aids on bodies or chassis are allowed, unless patterned after an actual racing car. Photographic proof may be required from entrant.

– Minimum ground clearance of .063″ is set by chassis construction if tires are kept at legal size.

– Maximum rear axle width for 1/24 scale cars is 3.25″.

– Maximum rear axle width for 1/32 scale cars is 2.4″.

– Front track and axle width cannot be altered from original parts.

2/ TSR Racing Procedures

2-1 Car Appearance/Presentation (Concours)

– Concours d’Elegance will have its separate points and its own separate championship. The number of entrants will determine the amount of attainable points, with the best appearing car winning the maximum of points equal to the number of entrants. Each entrant will get points in digressive order (example, if 17 entrants, all get points, the best car getting 17 points, the last one, 1 point).

2-2  Race Procedures

– First place in the main event will collect the same number of points as the Concours winner, while the points will be awarded in Semi and Qualifying races if deemed necessary in such a way that the last place finisher in the last eliminatory race collects 1 point.

– There will be no qualifying but a series of elimination races, with the running order and lane choice determined by the Concours classification.

– Racing will then be conducted following standard internationally accepted practice, with crossed lane rotations so as to avoid driving next to the same person for more than two segments. Round-Robin system will be used for up to 10 entrants as warranted.

– All races will be run in the “Crash & Burn” format with 1-minute race segments and 10-second re-slot.

– Main events will have 3-minute segments, with lane rotation allowing for a 24-minute main event.

– Semis and Eliminatory races will be run in 2-minute segments respectively.

– No work of ANY kind can be performed on cars during lane changes. Drivers or crews are not to touch the cars during such lane changes, except for the installation of a small colored or numbered lane sticker placed underneath the car on the nylon center section. Track marshals will lift the car and read the sticker before placing the de-slotted cars in their respective lanes. Work can be performed on cars only during the actual racing time.

– Each TSR Local Race Meeting may count towards a point tally in the Local Championship run at each raceway or club, made of 6 to 10 races in one year. Only the best 10 placing will be taken in consideration for the final tally.

– Local champions may be invited to participate in a one-race Regional Championship Race. The Regional winners may then be invited to prepare and ship two cars for a race by proxy in the National Championship of their country, where the best drivers in the country will be invited to drive them by being assigned ONE lane so as to drive ALL the cars at least once.

– The National Championship winners may then be invited to build and send two cars to a World Championship race by proxy following the same format.

3/ Disputes & Law

In case of dispute, opposing parties may post their respective position on the TSR discussion line, where the TSR Authority will make inquiries and make a decision in favor of one, both or none. All TSR decisions are final and cannot be contested under any circumstances. The TSR declines any liability resulting from material or emotional damage caused by any decision or action it takes, and render itself, its officers and employees, harmless from any litigious contest. The entering of any race within or outside the TSR organization with TSR cars or parts signifies the acceptance of the above by all participants.
This is the sum of the suggested rules as we wish to keep things as simple as possible. A special instruction set is supplied to member raceways and clubs.

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