The TSR slot cars, manufactured by Topline Inc. in the United States of America,  have been created to serve home and club-racing enthusiasts expecting better performance from their electric model cars.  A beautiful body displayed on a store shelf can often detract customers from poor chassis engineering and poor manufacturing quality, resulting in disappointment.  A TSR car never disappoints, because it is better engineered and utterly reliable over hundreds of hours of use. Our many repeat customers are the best proof of this.

TSR cars simply handle better, are easier to drive fast and offer superior performance and greater enjoyment over any and all of off-the-shelf models offered by virtually all other companies for home racing use. Numerous comparative tests easily prove it.

TSR produces and sells its own cars and parts through its dealership network as well as online.

TSR now offers kits and ready-to-race versions of their cars in both 1/24 and 1/32 scales, as well as a rebuild and repair service. All previously issued TSR chassis can be upgraded to the latest specifications at customer request.