Legal Warnings

NOT for use by children under 12 years old. The products manufactured by the TSR areĀ  electric-powered high-speed vehicles intended for racing on certain home-racing sets as clearly defined on catalogue or at clubs or professional raceways by competent hobbyists. Follow all recommendations stated on this web site and any printed material supplied by the TSR with the product for best results. The TSR, its agents, dealers and personnel make no representations as of the actual performance of the product.

The use of any part or parts of any manufactured products by the TSR may cause injury or death, even if used as intended. Sharp edges on plastic or metal parts may cause injury or death if such parts are swallowed, used as a weapon or if the user is accidentally maimed by any and all such parts or involved in an electrocution from support systems necessary to run this product.

The TSR, its agents and dealers, are in no case responsible in any way for any damage, physical or mental, caused by the use of any part of its product, or the use of any tools, implements, jigs, fixtures either sold or recommended by the TSR, or any other tool, jig, fixture devised by the user.

In case of dispute or claim, the resolution of such will be performed at the expense of the claimant for both parties until a decision will be reached by the sole jurisdiction of the Newport-Harbor Court in Newport Beach, California, USA, under its arbitration program.

The purchase of any product manufactured or sold by the TSR, its agents and/or employees implies full acceptance of the statements posted above.