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Our customers are quite happy with their cars and many become repeat customers after receiving their first car.
Here are a few recent comments from happy TSR car owners:

Hi Guys,
I run a pair of TSRF Slot cars with the TD301 motors – Amazing (Commercial Power Supply 18V/12amps). I hope to buy a couple of more this spring. You guys are great and I love doing business with independent shops like yours!! God Bless you, Gerry C.

(Gerald C.Friday, January 24, 2020)

I love your cars!
Just so you know, my circle of friends which extends from central California, down to here in the San Diego area, we love TSRF cars and all their upgrades. We have tried other brands over the years, but we have exclusively gone to racing TSRF when we get together. Your product is fantastic, reliable and really, near-perfect. Thanks again for getting back to me so quickly.
(Bob S, San Diego)

Got the car and prepped the body. Car is awesome.
Beat lap record by 0.2 secs. Under these conditions first nite. Standard 4 lane Ninco with 25 ohm Parma controllers.
(John S., Texas)

I’m pleased to let you know that the package arrived this evening (Thursday, June 5).
As it happened we were celebrating my son’s birthday today and part of it was a slot car competition. I tested the 1/24 scale RTR chassis and just out of the box scored fastest time! (Of course, outside qualification, but nevertheless)
Again, I am very pleased, thank you!
(Hans Z, the Netherlands)

“I purchased two cars to run on a large club track and they were so good I wanted one for my track.”
(John S., Texas)

“The car you sent me is the best handling slot car in my stable. It makes me no longer wanting to race any of my older cars”
(Adrian R., Corpus Christi, Texas)

“I was weary about assembling your kit but it was the easiest kit I have ever built and the car is fantastic. I am now ordering another for my son to race with me.”
(Jack M., Los Angeles, California)

The TSR design has not changed much in the past 10 years and is still unchallenged in its ability to out-handle any unmodified, out-of-the-box production slot car. TSR cars can be seriously raced and pushed through corners with none of the vicious handling qualities of most of their competition. Unlike its competitors that use cheap and fragime Polystyrene, the TSR simple universal chassis is built of the best quality, glass-filled Nylon on the planet, that also provides the smoothest and longest-lasting bearing surface for the rear axle. Every component is of high quality material and functions as it should.The TSR cars are manufactured in America using American materials, save for its motor, made to our specification in one of the finest electric-motor companies in China.
TSR produces its own clear-plastic bodies or uses the finest Slot.it bodies in collaboration with the Italian company.

Many slot car bodies can be fitted to the TSR chassis, and our company provides custom adaptation if requested.
Please inquire at shop@tsrfcars.com !

Build a 1/24 scale Courage-Peugeot C60 model that really runs!

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TSR offers three kits to help build this gorgeous car. The basic body kit includes a resin body and accessories plus a sheet of metal parts. A deluxe kit offers the same with painted body parts and an extensive decal sheet. The complete kit includes a complete, ready to race chassis that bolts right onto the body.

The kits are sold in a gift box with assembly instructions and recommendations.

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A perfect marriage – Slot.It Porsche 956 & TSR32

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While we offer several RTR models using the Slot.It sourced Porsche 956/962 body in several color schemes, you can easily convert an older Slot.It Porsche model to a higher level of performance provided by the TSR chassis. Mounting the body is a simple experience when using the exclusive TSR Automatic Mounting Body tool.

Slot It 956

To mount another Slot It Porsche 956 body is easy using the T2307 Automatic Body Mounting Tool. The body or chassis need no alteration. The chassis is set in position “A” (most backwards) and the front axle in position “3” (most forward). The pin tubing are shortened by 1/16″ with the Dremel disk, then installed on the chassis (see pictures below). The body has little vertical ridges where the front plastic tubing stops bump, perfectly locating the body. Use the Automatic Body-Mounting Tool and a # 73 drill fitted at the end of an X-Acto handle.

This pictures shows the stock Slot.It Porsche (below) with the TSR version on top. Note that part of the Slot.It chassis was trimmed to provide the aero under-tray bolted back to the body.

This shows the chassis setup: steel pan in position “A”, front axle in position “3”, body-mounting pin tubing and stops in place.

4 straight pins and it’s done.

The chassis bottom shows the fitment of the TSC25 guide pin in its most effective position.

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