Tune Up Your TSR24 For Less Grip!

The TSR24 and TSR32 cars run very nicely on Carrera home-racing tracks. But when used at some commercial raceways or club tracks where traction compounds ("glue") is or has been used, the cars have sometimes too much mechanical tire grip. This causes the inner side of the car to lift while cornering, as traction becomes  too strong and the car refuses to slide.

This can be partly countered by the following modification, that renders the car much more forgiving in extreme cornering attitude, as it stiffens the chassis, reducing the mechanical grip.


The main chassis plate and the steel pan have been drilled, and the nylon chassis plate chamfered, to fit two long 2-56 flathead screws as seen here ahead of the motor.



Two Nylon-lock 2-56 nuts are then fitted, and can be finely adjusted to give just the right amount of chassis stiffness and by thus, reduce or increase the amount of mechanical tire grip on commercial tracks. the holes drilled in the steel pan are filed in an oval shape so as to allow easy removal of the steel pan. It also makes the chassis totally crash proof, as it retains the two parts from un-hooking in the most violent crashes.



A good amount of lead weight up front is needed to establish a proper balance. This is what many run on most tracks where spray-glue has been used.

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