T32004 - 1/32 Scale Chassis Kit
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T32004 - 1/32 Scale Chassis Kit


Chassis Kit complete with motor, wheels tires & traction magnet.

This 1/32 Scale Home-Racing Chassis in kit  form is designed for use on Carrera and other quality plastic tracks. One traction magnet is supplied with each chassis kit and its use is recommended with stock tires. The use of a 2-amp variable voltage power supply and PM electronic controllers is highly recommended (please check our controller catalog).
The chassis comes with 2 types of body mounts. We recommend the use of the Automatic Body Mounting Tool, part # T3207 when using the pin-tubing mounts. Supplied with Gevon rubber tires suitable for plastic tracks for use with traction magnet. If used without a traction magnet, we recommend the use of THP3212 rear tires.

This chassis kit is fitted with TSC25 guide pin for use on the better plastic tracks, Carrera, Revell, Monogram, Atlas, Fleischmann and Artin. For Scalextric "Sport" and Ninco tracks and any track where the rails are raised above the track surface, the traction magnet may contact both, causing a short that will damage the chassis and the motor. To avoid this issue, caused by poorly engineered track designs, the magnet MUST BE COVERED WITH PROTECTIVE ADHESIVE "ELECTRICAL" TAPE. For use on Ninco track, a different, shorter and narrower guide pin, part # TSC25N, must be fitted, or the TSC25 standard guide pin must be shortened and narrowed using a Dremel cutting wheel. Please follow enclosed instructions to run on Scalextric, Ninco and similar tracks.

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